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DOTE, Span. law. The property which the wife gives to the husband on account of marriage.
     2. It is divided into adventitia and profectitia; the former is the dote which the father or grandfather, or other of the ascendants in the direct paternal line, give of their own property to the husband; the latter (adventitia) is that property which the wife gives to the husband, or that which is given to him for her by her mother, or her collateral relations, or a stranger. Aso & Man. Inst. B. 1, t. 7, c . 1, Sec. i.

References in classic literature ?
We will go to Palestine, where Conrade, Marquis of Montserrat, is my friend a friend free as myself from the doting scruples which fetter our free-born reason rather with Saladin will we league ourselves, than endure the scorn of the bigots whom we contemn.
But, my dear, I call that doting,' said my plain-spoken parent.
Misgivings Rebecca had; but she remembered all Miss Crawley had said; the old lady's avowed contempt for birth; her daring liberal opinions; her general romantic propensities; her almost doting attachment to her nephew, and her repeatedly expressed fondness for Rebecca herself.
There was a show of gratitude and worship in his attachment to my mother, differing wholly from the doting fondness of age, for it was inspired by reverence for her virtues and a desire to be the means of, in some degree, recompensing her for the sorrows she had endured, but which gave inexpressible grace to his behaviour to her.
That dissembling abominable varlet, Diomed, has got that same scurvy, doting, foolish young knave in his helm.
It seemed such sheer nonsense to be sitting tamely there, when she was at a dance with more lovers than man could calculate fluttering about her--with the whole party doting on and adoring her, and wanting to marry her.
A Judas order of kiss; for she thought, while she yet pressed Bella's hand after giving it, 'Upon your own showing, you vain heartless girl, puffed up by the doting folly of a dustman, I need have no relenting towards YOU.
He was a doting and loving father to his three children.
Doting mum Lynsey explained even the nurses were calling her Emily, as she had scans every two weeks.
The doting dad - who was putting his young sons to bed when his killer called - was keen to live the good life.
Makes for a cleaner game,'' explains her doting dad, a marshmallow-tough tough-guy played with wry aplomb by Robert Forster.
Pardoner, who escapes horror in the 17th century to live comfortably in the same place 300 years later with Emily and her doting family.