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DOTE, Span. law. The property which the wife gives to the husband on account of marriage.
     2. It is divided into adventitia and profectitia; the former is the dote which the father or grandfather, or other of the ascendants in the direct paternal line, give of their own property to the husband; the latter (adventitia) is that property which the wife gives to the husband, or that which is given to him for her by her mother, or her collateral relations, or a stranger. Aso & Man. Inst. B. 1, t. 7, c . 1, Sec. i.

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Lian said: "Robert was the world's most doting father, a loving and wonderful son and brother to seven cherished siblings.
tribute anyone anything of the collision anyone contact th"He was a doting husband, father and grandfather and will be sorely missed by all of his family.
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IF 11-MONTH-OLD Vivaan Subbedar emerges as a promising squash player, credit should go to his doting mother Mekhla Subbedar, a former national champion.
Ashley described his dad as a doting grandfather who would do anything for his two grandsons Andrew and Nicholas.
He said: "It is quite distressing to hear, especially to have heard it as a news item, with her being so doting and the child being so important to her.
Star-studded adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic tale about Little Nell, who is forced to go on the run when her doting grandfather ends her doting grandfather ends up in debt to villainous loan shark Quilp.
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