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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

References in classic literature ?
SOCRATES: Therefore the double line, boy, has given a space, not twice, but four times as much.
SOCRATES: We have certainly, as would seem, assisted him in some degree to the discovery of the truth; and now he will wish to remedy his ignorance, but then he would have been ready to tell all the world again and again that the double space should have a double side.
And if this is the proper name, then you, Meno's slave, are prepared to affirm that the double space is the square of the diagonal?
The pay-envelope army that moves to work every morning in Telephonia would be a host of one hundred and ten thousand men and girls, mostly girls,--as many girls as would fill Vassar College a hundred times and more, or double the population of Nevada.
As to the suggestion of double taxation, the answer is plain.
We have been distracted with fears that you were dead, Sir,' said Dick, gently sliding to the ground, 'and the short and the long of it is, that we cannot allow single gentlemen to come into this establishment and sleep like double gentlemen without paying extra for it.
He brought out a strong mule, and made it fast in the middle of the crowd--a she-mule never yet broken, but six years old--when it is hardest of all to break them: this was for the victor, and for the vanquished he offered a double cup.
They set him down in a swoon and then went to fetch the double cup.
Early on, Meyerhold's double suggests that he is drawn to Camilla partly because she loves theater; partly because her deceased father and Meyerhold were brief acquaintances in Paris; and partly because Camilla is in "considerable distress"--she has made peace neither with the recent, sudden death of her cousin, Eve, nor with a series of older losses, including that of her brilliant but inattentive father.
First, it explains Du Bois's inner conflict between his realistic conception of American society and his idealistic notion of double consciousness.
You're getting double capacity at essentially no increase in cost," Dickinson said flatly.