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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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It focused on "turning" captured German agents by making them choose between the hangman's noose or becoming double agents feeding false information to the Nazis.
For almost three decades after Castro took power, Cuba's budding intelligence service fielded four dozen double agents in a world-class operation under the nose of the CIA, according to the book.
Arthur Owens was born in Pontardawe near Swansea in 1899 and went on to become the most important British double agent of World War II, but he now lies buried in an unmarked grave just outside Wexford in Ireland.
For the first time ever, experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent.
Double agent David Rupert is today in hiding in a safehouse before giving evidence in one of the most sensational court cases ever.
The Spooks' first double agent failed in his task and was brutally tortured so when a former double agent from Algeria turned up, they took a chance and trusted him to complete the mission.
Arraignment is set for Monday in Los Angeles for a San Marino woman accused of being a double agent and her former FBI handler, who authorities say was also her longtime lover.
Udo Holtmann, 64, editor and publisher of the NPD newspaper, "was paid by the government for 24 years and is said to have told his party colleagues about his informer status, acting as a double agent.
THE bomb which caused the Omagh atrocity may have been constructed by a British double agent allowed to complete his work to protect his cover, it was claimed last night.
THE Omagh bomb may have been made by a British double agent working under "deep cover", it was claimed last night.
Here's how the suburban dad turned alleged double agent stacks up against the most famous of fictional spies, as portrayed by Pierce Brosnan in The World Is Not Enough.