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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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Tommy 'Tar' Robertson Double-Crossed the Nazis (2011); Harris, supra note 3; Russell Miller, Codename Tricycle: The True Story Of The Second World War's Most Extraordinary Double Agent (2005).
Justice Jawwad remarked " if this man was double agent then intelligence agencies should have a lot of information about him.
Terry argues that without Arthur Owens this system may never have got off the ground and some of the most famous double agents such as Tricycle, Garbo and Zigzag would not have had such a prominent role in the war.
Their main contacts in Wales, a spiv and a former police inspector, were double agents, reporting back with largely duff information.
Saudi intelligence likely had the lead role in disrupting the conspiracy, possibly providing the double agent, former US officials said.
Written with the author's usual intensity, the novel takes a deep look at the past and the present, depicting the craft of spying, looking at the subterfuges of the CIA, GRU and other government agencies, asking who is a double agent and how each side tried to steal from the other to achieve superiority during the Cold War (and beyond?
One of the riskiest jobs for a spy is being a double agent.
The murky world of secret operations, assassinations and allegations of treachery brought to light by Litvinenko's poisoning seem like a throwback to the Cold War era when Mr Gordievsky himself was active as a double agent.
SPLINTER CELL: DOUBLE AGENT - Three and one half stars
Meanwhile, the clever peddler and former double agent Kavi works with a desert tribe to forge swords that can match those of the Hrum.
Fans of Harriet the Spy will relish Maya Gold's contemporary take Harriet The Spy, Double Agent (0385327870, $15.