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This is seen as a direct consequence of Operation Fortitude, of which the Double Cross spies are seen as the key element.
Method B of Jenkins (1934) for predicting double-cross yields from single-cross yields suggests that the best double cross would result by crossing the two single crosses that are produced by crossing the pairs of inbreds that are most closely related.
Juval Aviv is not the only participant in The Maltese Double Cross to have been charged with wrongdoing in the United States.
Well, until the UK broker pulled off an amazing double cross, going straight to the airline, badmouthing PGA in the process!
The book looks at how the double cross system went on to have resounding successes particularly during the D-Day Normandy landings in 1944 and in misdirecting the Nazi V1 and V2 rockets.
Here, in Double Cross, 1990, a white-painted globe with two rose wreaths, Hammons evoked the imperialism of Christianity, just as African Stand, 1991, five African masks lying on a scale and on the floor, pointed to the dangers of selling out black culture; it was impossible, however, not to note the irony of Hammons' making such a critique given the market-bound presentation of his own art.
In A Pure Double Cross (Blue Steel Press, 978-0-9743199-1-9), even tough guy Hal Schroeder's landlady is tough.
Double Cross David Ranan Theo Press Suite 229, 19-21 Crawford Street, London W1H 1PJ, United Kingdom 9780955413308, $25.
Greg Burns has a double cross to bear as he used to work for Heart FM which, in more primitive countries, would be a crime punishable by a very painful exit.