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Kniep, Phase formation and morphology of calcium phosphate-gelatine-composites grown by double diffusion technique: the influence of fluoride.
Recently, however, interest in the use of double diffusion for treatment of lower value timbers in remote areas has been renewed, using fluoride as a substitute for chromium.
Addressing a substantially different set of topics when compared to the first edition, the papers in this second edition discuss fundamental topics in transport, including theoretical models of fluid flow, the local volume-averaging technique and viscous and dynamic modeling of convective heat transfer, and dispersion; numerical modeling, thermally developing flows, heat transfer within highly anisotropic porous media, and other aspects of forced convection; issues of natural convection and double diffusion convection; effects of viscous dissipation for natural, mixed, and forced convection applications; turbulence in porous media; particle migration and deposition; and applications of transport, including geothermal systems, liquid composite molding, and bioconvection.