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The formulation of the single-step double emulsion is described in previous works [1, 13] and was adopted as the reference.
Previous and current investigations of the role of surfactants in preparation of double emulsions give some explanation concerning the mechanisms of instability, thus providing ways of controlling its occurrence.
It was reported that in the early stage of the double-emulsion formation process, many droplets with different diameters were created, and usually several small W1 droplets were encapsulated in one particle [27], In the primary emulsion and double-emulsion formation processes of the modified double emulsion method, many droplets with different sizes were obtained in this study (Fig.
This water-in-oil emulsion is then dispersed in an aqueous phase containing protective colloids [poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and hydroxyl ethyl cellulose (HEC)1, and a final water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion is obtained.
However, in the center region the double emulsion morphology which exists only at the low screw speed (40 rpm) also appears (Fig.
The preparation of PLGA CA using a double emulsion process has been optimized within our laboratory (14) for future use in both ultrasound triggered drug delivery and tumor targeting.