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As double lip could be associated with blepharochalasis and non-toxic thyroid enlargement, the same was ruled out by a complete clinical examination.
These eventually became superseded by the individual wine glass cooler, so this theory goes, although there is disagreement as to whether each diner had a cooler to himself or whether one was shared between two - hence the double lip.
Double lip integral wipers keep contamination out, and they retain lubrication to maximize travel life.
The blender can be configured with: single or multiple charging ports located on the top of the vessel; contoured access doors on the side; double lip, lantern ring or gas/liquid shaft seals; and a paddle gate, knife gate, plug gate or universal flange at the discharge.
Complementing these hygienic design features are an NTN Blue double lip seal and a GAMMA seal fitted on the shaft to guard against any risk of ingress to the motor.