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In conclusion, we have shown excellent discrimination between melanomas and nevi by automated image analysis of Ki67/MART1 double stains with diagnostic performances equal to the manually performed indices by real-time microscopy and a counting frame.
The authors thank the medical laboratory technicians Allan Thorsteinsson, Martin Nielsen, Lone Nielsen, and Helle Johnsen from the Department of Pathology, Vejle Hospital, for performing the immunohistochemical double stains.
Immunohistochemical double stains against Ki67/MART1 and HMB45/MITF: promising diagnostic tools in melanocytic lesions.
When the novel MUC4/p53 double stain was used and a positive for either stain was considered a positive result, the sensitivity was 96% and the specificity was 73%.
The double immunohistochemical stain for MUC4/p53 was then used on 20 needle core biopsies of the pancreas (10 adenocarcinoma and 10 benign) to further demonstrate the clinical utility of this double stain.