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For multiplex double stains, a triple-antibody cocktail consisting of HMW CK, p40 or p63, and AMACR was applied to tissues for 30 minutes, followed by a double-stain kit using a goat anti-mouse horseradish peroxidase, and a goat antirabbit alkaline phosphatase polymer kit (Biocare).
Furthermore, the mimicked single stain showed significantly higher indices than the comparable index of the double stain (Figure 4, A and B; P < .
Future research into the prognostic capabilities of the Ki67/MART1 double stain will be simplified by the novel opportunity to quantify MART1-verified Ki67 indices automatically.
Accurate identification of proliferative index in melanocytic neoplasms with melan-A/Ki-67 double stain.
Additionally, a 2-color, double stain for MUC4 and p53 was developed and evaluated.
When MUC4 and p53 were combined in a double stain, and positive staining for either considered a positive result, the sensitivity increased to 96% but specificity was 73%.
Nineteen Aurelia ephyrae were used, eight each for the two primary antibodies and three for double stains.