double talk

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As part of the Jazz in the Journal, Culture Club members can see Theo Travis' Double Talk Quartet at the Cluny on Tuesday November 27 at 8.
Mis-education in schools; beyond the slogans and double talk.
What kind of political double talk is "I support equal rights under the law for every single American," yet political fears keep him from actually saying "gay Americans"?
Great nations do not hoax others by double talk and wage war on the pretext of introducing democracy, human rights and the absolution of terror, when the ulterior motive is something else
Are we to believe that the movers and the shakers and the experts in conspiracy are going to instigate such a stupid search without having it play out exactly as they intend, despite the incredible double talk of Bush?
In short, we are awash in double standards, double talk, and multiple troubles, a situation that confounds logic, weakens our historic ideal of equal justice, intensifies intergroup hostility, and undermines the principles of American democracy.
I want it to guarantee, without qualifications, without double talk, that it is destroying the remaining weapons in the safest way without regard to the $650 million incinerator construction price tag, and I want to be able to believe a government guarantee for maybe the first time in my adult life.
Calgary--In an article in the Calgary Sun (May 30), Catholic Bishop Fred Henry deplored the euphemisms and double talk employed by Calgary's Foothills Hospital in defending its indefensible eugenic abortions (see "Calgary hospital silences critics," Catholic Insight, June, p.
SPIRIT's flagship product - award-winning multi-point full-duplex voice conferencing engine TeamSpirit (TM) - already deployed by both Oracle and Macromedia, provides superior voice quality, not only in peer-to-peer talk, but also in multi-point full-duplex conferencing, allowing each person speak up and be heard even in double talk.
It is capable of eliminating the acoustic echo in difficult conditions such as unbalanced speech levels, close speaker to mic proximity, background noise, double talk, echoic reflective room surfaces, and echo path changes.
If you want to read how they manage it, just look at the Secretary of State's statement now available on line, a masterpiece of double talk and back-footing that purports to put 'the national interest' up front and tramples on the rights of individuals.
When I have asked candidates at election times for their views on reintroduction of such punishment, I have either had a double talk meaningless reply or "I would have to think deeply about that".