double talk

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But Double Talk is concerned with more than one kind of doubleness.
As part of the Jazz in the Journal, Culture Club members can see Theo Travis' Double Talk Quartet at the Cluny on Tuesday November 27 at 8.
If you want to read how they manage it, just look at the Secretary of State's statement now available on line, a masterpiece of double talk and back-footing that purports to put 'the national interest' up front and tramples on the rights of individuals.
When I have asked candidates at election times for their views on reintroduction of such punishment, I have either had a double talk meaningless reply or "I would have to think deeply about that".
UNFAZED by the CAG reports estimating undue benefits of several lakh crore of rupees to private parties under the UPA government, the Congress mounted a counter- offensive, questioning the " inconsistencies" in the report and BJP's double talk.
With typical politician-style double talk and selective amnesia he tries to reaffirm Makin's argument that the houses built by the socialist council 'hobbled' the city's finances by referring to the years when the cost of the loans outstripped the rental income of the houses.
It was a pity that the Pakistani rulers had always been deceived by the US double talk.
EVEN for a Government prepared to tax pension funds but not the super rich, the double talk at the Bournemouth conference was surprising.
167 standard and features a superior acoustic echo cancellation algorithm with 160ms tail length, Non-Linear-Processing (NLP) and double talk detection, as well as advanced Automatic Gain Control (AGC), which help increase the performance and quality of a full duplex hands-free speakerphone.
However, there canbe no negotiations while terror reigns - it's called double talk.
The President has had enough of the communist movement's penchant for double talk and continued acts of atrocities against the Filipino people,' Andolong said.