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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This is where you should pay special attention, because based on the facts you provided you have no doubt established a practice of paying double time for Saturday shifts that employees would be reasonable in relying on in believing they would be compensated the same way for working on Saturdays.
Local Unison representative Ann Clay, said yesterday: "Our ancillary staff moved over with Agenda for Change in March this year and are getting time-a-half instead of double time.
But does this mean I have to pay the part time employees double time if they work any hours above their normal hours?
Some early cases suggested judicial skepticism, but by last summer the ADA triumphalists saw the tide beginning to turn: A New York woman who had flunked the bar exam five times won a federal court order that she be given double time and other accommodations, while in another case learning-disabled students gained a partial court success against resistant officials at Boston University, enough to let their lawyers claim victory.
On Malacanang's request, the Senate leadership is now ready to 'work double time' and do its 'best efforts' to approve the 2019 national budget before the end of the year.
Palace assures public: Gov't working double time to fight inflation !-- -- Alexis Romero ( - October 7, 2018 - 5:08pm MANILA, Philippines The government is working double time to counter the effects of rising commodity prices, Malacantildeang said Sunday, following the release of a survey suggesting that the Duterte administration got a lower satisfaction rating in the third quarter.
We are on double time on this riding in tandem incidents.
Taiwan's Ministry of Labor (MOL) on Monday (June 18), on which this year's Dragon Boat Festival falls, said that the traditional festival is a national holiday designated by the country 's Ministry of the Interior, and therefore private sector employers should pay their employees who work overtime on this day double time, according to media reports.
| MORE than 34,500 Tesco staff have had their pay cut as the supermarket giants do away with double time for Sunday and bank holiday shifts.
According to documents leaked to the Sunday Mirror, it is understood it will mean staff working Sundays and Bank Holidays will have double time pay slashed to time-and-a-half.
In the health sector, nurses would have to work a longer week of 39 hours (up from 37.5) but would retain double time for Sundays.