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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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This is where you should pay special attention, because based on the facts you provided you have no doubt established a practice of paying double time for Saturday shifts that employees would be reasonable in relying on in believing they would be compensated the same way for working on Saturdays.
What I can't say is whether or not that will involve an extension of the double time agreement.
Councils bleat on that they need extra money to maintain vital services, but do we really need council workers picking up litter on a Sunday morning earning double time or six workmen digging up a road for no apparent reason?
Double time at Ascot for Nigel Twiston-Davies and Carl Llewellyn as they win the two big races, with Sweet Duke taking the Long Walk Hurdle by two lengths from Burgoyne, ridden by Peter Niven, and Young Hustler convincingly too good for Latent Talent, ridden by Mark Richards for Simon Sherwood, in the Betterware Cup.
He spins around and heads back in double time to the courtside bar stools that serve as the show's set.
Dela Rosa said police have to work double time since they only have four months left before the deadline set by the President.
SHOP staff should be paid double time for working on a Sunday in a bid to limit opening times, the Lords heard.
Double time on Sundays and Bank Holidays will be stopped, slashing costs by another pounds 12m a year.
Mr Banaghan added: "Passengers will find it hard to understand why the senior conductor negotiators for the RMT appear to be so determined to disrupt their holiday travel plans, when other unions - and even the majority of Central Trains members in the RMT, their own union - have been happy to accept the offer of double time payments for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.
But it will infuriate workers who have seen their Christmas bonus and double time for Sunday working both axed.
Union members co-ordinated a collective 'speak up' to the company in which hundreds of employees contacted the company to express their dissatisfaction and called for double time payment.
Union talent will be paid standard SAG rate; nonunion talent will be paid $54 for an eight-hour day, with overtime after eight hours worked and double time starting after 10 hours on the set.