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Double Vision was an ambitious exhibition filled with top-notch, but generally under-recognized artists.
Double vision occurs when "the brain is not able to take the images from both eyes and fuse them into one," says Dr.
As Carlson says of Double Vision, "From the movement inside the video to the sounds of rotary printers and hospital breathing machines, I thought, This is Nik
Nowicki reports that Double Vision Doppelbock is brewed with Idaho 2-Row Pale and German Munich, CaraAroma, CaraMunich and de-husked Carafa malts to an original gravity of 24 Plato (1.
Only a third of people surveyed about their knowledge of stroke symptoms said they would call 911 if they or another person had trouble seeing or double vision, according to a recent survey of adults in New York.
Some common symptoms include blurred or painful vision, numbness, tingling, burning in the arms or legs, fatigue, double vision, bowel or bladder dysfunction, and cognitive deficits.
Like Rose I have to pay in full for everything, including expensive lenses to correct double vision, and dentistry.
I have double vision, wear sunglasses in the house, have lost my sense of smell and cannot drive.
He reported experiencing double vision and became more and more restless while in bed.
My ophthalmologist gave me a clip-on patch to wear over the "good" eye which eliminated the double vision.
Diplopia, or double vision, results from MS damage and makes it impossible for both eyes to point simultaneously and in synchrony at the object being viewed.