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This is, of course, a bad idea: in a shocking betrayal that shocks no one but Lion-O, the Thundercats are double-crossed and tossed into the Dogs' Dungeons.
Eller Media double-crossed CSI at the last minute in order to win the contract without any regard for simple business ethics," says Nick Brestoff of Moskowitz, Brestoff, Winston & Blinderman in Century City, CA, CSI's attorney.
George Clooney returns for a third outing as Danny Ocean, who rounds up the gang to get revenge on a casino owner who double-crossed one of their friends.
Parker 15, 118 mins Adapted from Flashfire by Donald E Westlake, Parker is an action thriller about a professional thief who is double-crossed by a new crew and swears revenge.
They then claim they were double-crossed by other mercenaries working for Libyan rebels and, indirectly, for NATO.
Seven out of 10 of us have either double-crossed pals or partners, or deceived our employers and the taxman.
When he was recruited to Syracuse for a lacrosse scholarship in the early 1950s, he double-crossed the school and gravitated to this other sport on campus that led to his becoming the greatest running back in NFL history.
From then on, it's a case of who can he trust as Ryan double deals and is double-crossed himself.
This is an action-packed, dark adventure about two small time drug dealers Hank (George Nelson) and Leroy (Russell Clay), that are double-crossed and almost killed in a drug deal gone bad.
He plays a petty criminal who is prepared to take on the might of the mob in a bid to take revenge on the partner who double-crossed him and reclaim the money he is owed.