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Pakistan double-crossed the US in building its bridges with the People's Republic of China which the American media had earlier been painting as an opium eating nation.
The price of freedom proves high when his wife begins an affair with the crooked crimelord, and he finds he has been double-crossed.
Bosses at Brand Sense Partners are suing the singer for 10 million dollars claiming she double-crossed them by trying to cut them out of a lucrative scent deal with Elizabeth Arden.
However, Nazi Commander Teichman (Eric Madsen) and his troops are waiting for the Brits and it becomes clear that they have been double-crossed.
This is, of course, a bad idea: in a shocking betrayal that shocks no one but Lion-O, the Thundercats are double-crossed and tossed into the Dogs' Dungeons.
George Clooney returns for a third outing as Danny Ocean, who rounds up the gang to get revenge on a casino owner who double-crossed one of their friends.
Parker 15, 118 mins Adapted from Flashfire by Donald E Westlake, Parker is an action thriller about a professional thief who is double-crossed by a new crew and swears revenge.