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The upgrade of the West Coast Main Line is a top priority and Railtrack is double-crossing the people in the West Midlands and all those who use the service.
His killing was organised as revenge for double-crossing the gang boss.
After double-crossing her colleagues (Eriq Ebouaney and Edouard Montoute), Laure goes on the lam, only to fall (literally) into another life.
The heist is successful, but for all their technical know-how, the McCoys are not bright enough to quietly get out of town and are pursued by Benyon's goons, the police and the malicious pervert double-crossing accomplice, Rudy.
FAIR City's Nicola is set to be jilted by her double-crossing lover, it was revealed yesterday.
Left for dead by his partner and double-crossing wife after they shoot him in the back and run off with his share of a big robbery, he survives and makes a full recovery.
But Sylvia's marriage is in no better shape; much gold-digging, double-crossing and bitchery ensue.
Mounger accused the LAPD of double-crossing his client after it originally was agreed Durden could turn himself in as other Rampart officers did.
Just about everybody Oz encounters is double-crossing someone else, and they all want somebody or other - oftentimes him - dead.
Mankiewicz's catty 1950 comedy-drama in which a scheming ingenue played by Anne Baxter is awarded the Sarah Siddons Award after double-crossing her former mentor, played by Bette Davis.
Left for dead by an unfaithful wife and a double-crossing partner in crime, Gibson returns as an avenging dark angel who exacts brutal revenge while insisting he only wants his fair share of some stolen loot.
a professional crook who was left for dead by a double-crossing partner (Gregg Henry's Val) and a scorned wife (Deborah Kara Unger) after they successfully heisted $140,000 from Chinese money launderers.