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Many of us read the gunslinging, double-crossing, strong-armed tales of Chester B.
Railtrack was accused of double-crossing the Midlands last night after revealing plans to pull the plug on the pounds 5 billion revamp of the West Coast Main Line.
Here are the government officials and employees who were ambushed and killed for reportedly double-crossing some convicted drug lords: Assistant Corrections Director Rodrigo Mercado, Dr.
Clean."This is a minor diversion for double-crossing ex-spy Hal, who's busy infiltrating the Cleveland mob-the Cleveland right after World War II being darker than Gotham City.
Infernal Affairs II charts the early years of cop Yan's (Shawn Yue)infiltration of Hong Kong's organised crime, while double-crossing Triad agent Ming (Edison Chen) makes inroads in internal affairs.DVD Extras: Behind-the-scenes featurette, deleted scenes, confidential file.
He's Trevor Heslop, an agent always trying to do the decent thing in the double-crossing, money-driven, ego- obsessed world of minor sports stars.
Roger Lyons, of Amicus, said: "They are double-crossing staff."
Coronation Street (ITV1): Fred falls victim to a spot of double-crossing.