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The upgrade of the West Coast Main Line is a top priority and Railtrack is double-crossing the people in the West Midlands and all those who use the service.
Infernal Affairs II charts the early years of cop Yan's (Shawn Yue)infiltration of Hong Kong's organised crime, while double-crossing Triad agent Ming (Edison Chen) makes inroads in internal affairs.
He's Trevor Heslop, an agent always trying to do the decent thing in the double-crossing, money-driven, ego- obsessed world of minor sports stars.
Coronation Street (ITV1): Fred falls victim to a spot of double-crossing.
With so many double-meaning, double-crossing reasons for its use in Britain, we have a two-faced, double-dealing government that does not seem prepared to face this country with an honest referendum.
But what starts promisingly, turns into a day-glo headache of a bubblegum movie, whose double-crossing tricks you don't care about.
A MAN has gone on trial accused of abducting and murdering a person suspected of double-crossing a gang leader.