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Most of it will make unpleasant reading for Tony Blair who ultimately gained most, the Labour crown, with the help of the double-dealer.
He also published William Congreve's The Double-Dealer, Sir John Vanbrugh's The Faithful Friend and The Confederacy, and the pastorals of Alexander Pope, thus justifying William Wycherley's description of him as "gentleman usher to the Muses." He bought also the valuable rights to John Milton's Paradise Lost, half in 1683 and half in 1690.
But let's not let the double-dealers pretend it was conclusive by shouting 17 million voted to go when we know 16 million backed staying.
Though the shop owners are not quite double-dealers, still they normally impose lofty interest rates to protect their risk.
It is right that street hawkers are a very common sight but one should be much sensible to recognise crooks and double-dealers among them.
From the November issue: Real estate brokers are often stereotyped as shysters and double-dealers. But in today's rocky market, buyers are sometimes the ones being deceptive.
For a start, its main details are only being made available to football big-wigs when any cheats and double-dealers should be exposed to the public.
The life of Reinaldo Arenas and the Cuban Revolution retains its pull even after a degree of overexposure with the film version of Arenas's diary, After Night Falls, but it pales next to the author's riveting essay on Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, two real gay spies and double-dealers whom every gay and lesbian can thank for inventing the stereotype that gay man are incapable of keeping state secrets when tempted by the lure of sex.
The jokes get funnier with all the back-stabbing, blackmailing double-dealers in place, the acting blooms, and even the musical numbers by Magee sound better.