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Here's the bottom line on Pakistan's alleged double-dealing.
But almost more serious is the double-dealing with the British public, where on the one hand Gordon Brown has completely refused to give his opinion on the release of this mass murderer, but on the other hand was content for the Libyans to be told that he shouldn't die in prison.
The quoted portions reveal some dark side backroom corporate double-dealing by the defendants and threats against Hill and Knowlton's parent corporation, WPP Group PC, and J.
Until 1948, Thurmond's story was one of monotonous political success, with no more than the usual treachery and double-dealing (in fact, probably less than usual).
Sadly, it's more like business as usual in the free-wheeling, double-dealing realm of government contracting, where companies often straddle the public and private sectors to maximize profits from both, and fritter away taxpayers' money on expenses that would give even William Sessions pause.
The rewarding chapters track the machinations and double-dealing among rival politicians and black nationalists during Washington's first campaign.
Online debuts the final installment of "Toon Marooned," its original animated serial, featuring the face-off between the two 'toons who have survived everything from falling pianos, exploding coconuts and the double-dealing and devious Daffy Duck.
These measures must have been under preparation for months - if not years - and the fact that they suddenly appear now as part of anti-corruption legislation shows just what double-dealing bastards they really are.
A STRONG cast of sharply-drawn characters gives detective Bob Burns and his two unlikely sidekicks plenty to cope with in an intriguing story of greed and double-dealing that's sparked off by the discovery of a severed finger in a cruise ship passenger's quiche lorraine.
The wickedly entertaining book is the first in a trilogy featuring a female barrister who is confronted with ruthless men who are masters of manipulation and double-dealing, ranging from the judge down to the murderer she is defending.
Superior, glossily stylish crime drama, laden with twists and double-dealing, and starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.
But subversive agendas and double-dealing are the name of the game in the international community.