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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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Even in the event of a collision or incident that slows one section of a double-decker motorway, traffic could be redirected onto the other level at the preceding junction to maintain traffic flow.
They said multi-coloured double-deckers has enhanced beauty of the historic city besides providing healthy recreation to people.
He said that double-decker buses used to ply in Lahore and other big cities and enhanced their beauty but with the passage of time these buses have vanished.
A tow truck employee, 45-year-old Rodney Midkiff of Eugene, was under the double-decker bus, working to hook it up to the tow truck, when the flying logs struck the bus.
The bus hit road barriers after going past the fire station," said William Chung Chak-ma, head of operations for New World First Bus, the owner of the double-decker.
Iraq's transport ministry says 60 new double-decker buses, made in Jordan, will start running this week on state-run lines.
Emirates' environmentally friendly double-decker operates services from Dubai to London Heathrow, Manchester, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Rome, Munich, Toronto, Seoul, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Jeddah, New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Johannesburg and Auckland.
Scene in Fishponds Road, Bristol, where 18 people were injured after the roof of a double-decker bus was torn off
Colin Murphy, the company president said, 'The double-deckers are not just a mode of transportation, they are a visitor activity in themselves.
Lymn Undertakers has become the first in Britain to be able to offer the option of a London double-decker instead of a traditional hearse.
In the last year Gist has added 40 double-deckers to their fleet increasing pallet capacity by over 50 percent compared to standard 26 pallet trailers.
The double-decker, which had around 34 pupils on board, toppled over at 3.