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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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RegioJet has already asked the Transport Ministry to assist in introducing double-deckers.Technical permitsThe company is now expected to present seven or eight ways to increase capacity on the Bratislava-Komarno route to the ministry.
"In the tours, we visit over 25 of the best tourist attractions that Mombasa has to offer aboard our luxurious double-decker buses," read a post on the company's website.
Jonathan Jantay, sales-marketing personnel of the bus distributor, Durabus, said that several test runs have already been made to and from Bukidnon, aside from training drivers on how to handle the double-decker buses.
The double-decker bus runs along two set routes (Red and Blue), taking visitors to explore Taipei's cityscape from a higher point of view.
Meanwhile Bahria Town is launching red double-decker buses in Karachi, initially for sight-seeing, though the form of transport could also become a public utility.
LAHORE: Punjab government has announced to start a double-decker bus service for Lahore which would travel to Wagah.The first bus will travel to the India-Pakistan border on December 9 carrying passengers interested in seeing the Wagah border parade.
ALBANY, N.Y., Rabi'I 17, 1439, December 05, 2017, SPA -- A lawmaker is raising concerns about double-decker sightseeing buses in New York City, saying Monday that tougher regulations are needed to protect tourists, pedestrians and motorists on the busy streets of the nation's largest city, according to AP.
by Karen Rockett A DOUBLE-decker bus sits beneath a rail bridge with its upper level sheared off after a horrific crash.
The double-decker buses will ply three routes: TriNoma to Glorietta 5, SM North Edsa to SM Megamall and Centris Mall to Glorietta 5.
The 4-DDs therefore bore virtually no resemblance to any future double-decker trains that we may or may not see on HS2, but they did share a common disadvantage with a higher number of passenger spaces per door than equivalent single-decker stock, plus the effects of internal stairs on passengers' rate of movement, leading to significantly slower boarding and alighting.
Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan, which is known for its beautiful gardens, exquisite fountains, delicious cuisines, and rich heritage of art and culture, is now attracting more tourists as the first tourist double-decker bus service in the history of the country was started in Lahore with its terminal at Punjab Stadium.