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DOUBLE. Twofold; as, double cost; double insurance; double plea.

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TriQuint is sampling its new gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (Gs) hybrid power doublers as well as its MMIC power doublers.
Since the FETs used are identical for both doublers, the saturated output power levels are almost the same in the high input power range.
He bought the pieces gradually, either at a discount or used: a $10,000 projector marked down to $7,000; $7,000 worth of matched speakers for $5,000 because they were demo models; amplifiers and a laser disc player for about $1,000 each; a used $2,500 line doubler for $1,000.
Not surprisingly, the government has run genetic-engineering experiments on the population, which partly accounts for the wildly variable attributes of the doublers.
Support Systems International has added Station Doubler to its full line of ROBOX PC interface products.
The models HMC187MS8 and HMC188MS8 GaAs MMIC frequency doublers fulfill these requirements while covering output frequency ranges of 1.
About a year ago, there was a real scarcity of readily-available coaxial microwave components, including mixers and frequency doublers to perform noise figure measurements, covering the 26 to 40 GHz frequency range.
5 GHz, eliminating frequency doublers in many high frequency systems, simplifying system architecture, and reducing cost.
Frequency doublers are the most frequently used multipliers for obtaining mm-wave power, and most of the varactors used are high quality GaAs abrupt junction diodes.
In addition, Vought provides various detail parts for the 747, including stringers, panels, doublers, chords and fittings.
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