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No beheadings are likely if Moore's law reaches its limit, but the story illustrates what Moore called the nature of exponentials - the increase is always accelerating, with each doubling exceeding the sum of all that came before.
With each doubling producing a new base that exceeds all of the previous doublings combined, we're at the point where the numbers get really big, really fast.
And with doublings in bandwidth and storage availability occurring even more rapidly, we are faced with an abundance of free computing, free communications and free storage.
Some of these linking repetitions and doublings will be explored below, and it will be suggested that memory itself constitutes the deep structure of the system of doubles which characterise Schwarzenegger's films--films which, like Barthes's Mythologies, "do not pretend to show any organic development: the link between them is rather one of insistence and repetition" (12).
In this film the repressed significances of the doublings and repetitions of Schwarzenegger's earlier films find their expression.
There is a strange doubling in which the two families strangely come to resemble each other.
We met in the artist's Brooklyn loft, where the tales told in imagining the days at Clayton led us back to Borges--but also on to new doublings and fabulists of doubling, to Marshall McLuhan, Umberto Eco, even art historian and critic Georges Didi-Huberman.
Finally, instead of doubling only 50 to 60 times in lab dishes, cells from the clones divided around 90 times before becoming senescent.
That finding flies in the face of some famous modern choices, like having Theseus and Hippolyta double as Oberon and Titania, as in Brook, 1970 (Alan Howard and Sara Kestelman) or Caird (John Carlisle and Claire Higgins), a doubling that violates, among other things, "the law of re-entry.
When grown in test tubes, cells usually stop doubling after a finite number of divisions and enter a state called senescence (SN: 1/3/98t p.
Though endothelial cells in the petri dish normally stop dividing after 20 to 60 doublings, those treated with a new chemical agent retained their youthful appearance and lasted long enough to undergo as many as 140 population doublings, the researchers report in the Sept.
A black hole would give two images, but it would have to be exactly between them, and it should give symmetrically placed doublings of other quasars within the 2.