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I recount some specially disquieting problems: (i) If Descartes thought that the Second Meditation did put his own existence beyond reasonable doubt, why does he explicitly mention (in a disconcerting passage at the beginning of the Third Meditation), among logical and arithmetical propositions which are still doubtable, a principle which has a direct bearing with the Cogito ("So long as I think that I am something, I am not nothing"), adding that, at this stage of the argument, the members of this set (including the Cogito) are doubtful?
Only in the country can I say this with a certain smartness though doubtable (meditating in clatter).
Inversely, their responsibility is doubtable, notably at the Senegal-Guinea Bissau border where political and administrative authorities, and to a less extent security forces, are overshadowed by civil society.
However, the ownership of broadcasting rights installed by the CFA itself is doubtable.
My dear ones, the Iranian nation, July 12 was an epic election and it was registered in history, although some enemies in the world tried to undermine this definite victory, to lower it to a dubious and doubtable victory.
Any contact with reality creates contact with doubtable ideas (Newbigin, 1995).
Beset by the radically doubtable nature of memory, belief, experience, and environment, both set about testing the possibility of, as Company puts it, "what can be verified," in a spirit of rigorous skepticism which includes at its center a crucial element of self-doubt.
This reluctance only serves to further mark his doubtable free will and existence.