doubtful meaning

See: ambiguity
References in classic literature ?
Here again Homer had fairly met Hesiod, and so the latter turned to sentences of doubtful meaning (2): he recited many lines and required Homer to complete the sense of each appropriately.
She could think only of the invitation she had with such astonishment witnessed, and of the manner in which it had been received; a manner of doubtful meaning, of surprise rather than gratification, of polite acknowledgement rather than acceptance.
Needed close and independent examination is rarely accorded, so the dubious worth and doubtful meaning of statistical studies goes unnoticed.
Heskey and Carlton Cole are both sidelined from injuries picked up in Saturday's 4-0 stroll against Slovakia and Peter Crouch is doubtful meaning Wayne Rooney is the only fully-fit striker from the original squad, although Darren Bent has been called up.