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After he had reluctantly and doubtfully proceeded with it," Smithson resorted to another form of cutoff, stopping the presses before it became an edition.
they shake their heads doubtfully we can't use you, they say
Retail customers will doubtfully reduce spending on telecom services even if the economy weakens, while corporates could reduce their spending substantially.
That other side of your nature, which can see you seesawing doubtfully over any major decisions, can also creep into proceedings.
What struck me immediately was the vast number of SKUs which would easily overtake the average Ace Hardware store, and would doubtfully get the square footage and depth of inventory typically found in a Costco.
and home, or lightning description as a means of displaying one's poetic skill, for which a poem somewhat doubtfully attributed to 'Ab[i.
Flagman or no, Egyptian popular interests militate for a basic, cold peace with Israel, and doubtfully one much colder than that which Israel welcomed for three decades with Mubarak.
By the Declaration of Independence, dreaded by the foes an for a time doubtfully viewed by many of the friends of America, everything stood on a new and more respectable footing, both with regard to the operations of war or negotiations with foreign powers.
My kind of elderly social commentator praises him for putting his fortune into a football academy while looking doubtfully at the little boys who are drawn to football less by its human artfulness and more by the hateful corruption of the calls to highly improbably fame.
doubtfully to the Russian proposal yesterday that the UN Security Council
I really don't know what to expect," the prisoner said doubtfully of the performance.
IT LOOKS like Jamie and Gennie's new life in Newquay might be back on as he doubtfully agrees to go with her.