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"I don't know if all of them would return after only shaking the hands of young patients at the town hospital and expressing their good wishes for the well-being of the Thar people or if they would do something substantial to improve the people's health, education and living conditions," I said doubtfully.
23," Stephen Kelly and Ryan Perry discuss the contents of the three booklets that make up this manuscript, suggesting the focus and contexts of some of the twenty-seven texts it contains and pointing up the hybridity of a collection which can marry the orthodox with the doubtfully orthodox.
although there is mention that one of the Plus ultra settings doubtfully attributed to Lupi "convey[s] an image of military, power" (p.
Hoff (1964) doubtfully stated that the Floridian specimens have two blades in the rallum of the chelicera whereas the Cuban specimens definitely have three blades, but it could be because of the position of the chelicera during the permanent preparation of the specimen in his study.
When the bar to the DSO was first proposed, the staff officers looked doubtfully at the recommendation so soon after the award of the first DSO, but were overruled personally by Bomber Harris.
"Is she?" Ayaz asked doubtfully after learning Jolie was an actress.
"I suppose it could," you say doubtfully, "it might be worth trying.
'You may like this,' I say doubtfully. 'I loved it, but I'm not certain if you will.'
"A fascist, Mom?" I queried, doubtfully. "I thought that's what I was."
Waiting doubtfully in my tree stand for a nerve-wracking 45 minutes, just as it got dark, I finally noticed out of the corner of my eye the tiny, lighted nock of my arrow sticking out of the ground about 20 yards away.
"Bob decided against the poster after it was printed, and after he had reluctantly and doubtfully proceeded with it"--that is the summary offered by his wife, Nancy Holt.
"Maybe in half an hour?" I said doubtfully, real caves, damp caves with things growing in them, not necessarily being my absolute favorite thing.