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IT LOOKS like Jamie and Gennie's new life in Newquay might be back on as he doubtfully agrees to go with her.
He continues and says that there are hundreds of examples of open civil lawsuits about doubtfully privatized companies in which the shareholders are asking for their proprietors' rights.
I'm going to feed my sheep and see whether it is as stimulating as running the agency," he said, doubtfully.
While the US administration especially the envoy retired general Scot Gration, congratulates himself for the break through between NCP and JEM, though the real reflection on the ground remains doubtfully given the fact that the other Darfur factions are not fully on board, the administration must remember that there are only a few months left ahead of the referendum in the south.
Maybe," he said doubtfully, as he eased into his vehicle and motioned for me to join him.
Admittedly, they had believed that justice had been meted out, albeit doubtfully.
As she read it over, she shook her head doubtfully.
First, there are some few pieces which only very doubtfully are comfortably at home in a history of eighteenth-century philosophy as opposed to a history of eighteenth-century thought (which history, of course, might include anything and everything written in the eighteenth century).
At this point the girls were looking at me doubtfully, as the only way I had conned them into coming into the woods with me was under the premise that 'mommy will be meeting us there'.
A variation on this delusion is typified by the solar panel and personal windmill, which are not going to take your 4x4 very far or save you a boatload of woolly jumpers in winter and are doubtfully lifetime energy positive.
Light falls seductively on Eve's body and hair and Adam scratches his head doubtfully while taking a half-eaten apple from her hand.
If you looked doubtfully at him, he would always add: "And that's the God's truth.