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It's SINISTER" he uses a low rising pitch accent, usually used to indicate doubtfulness of the propositional appropriateness of a word, as an audible pantomime of doubt.
What is certain is the doubtfulness of the animal's career as a racehorse.
Studies show that young women experience doubtfulness and ambivalence about manifestations of pornography and its effect on their own desires.
She expressed feelings of nervousness with the course requirements, doubtfulness of the effectiveness of the research but also excitement with the possibilities of the outcomes:
The first reviewers' doubtfulness is worth remembering.
Riebel, Die Fragwurdigkeit des Verursachungsprinzips [The Doubtfulness of the Causality Principle], 1969/1990, pp.
For in her technical sense, indubitability is not understood in the usual way: it concerns not "the power of the human mind to enter into a state of doubtfulness about a proposition," but instead the condition whereby "it is impossible both that the proposition be false and that I be doubting whether it is truer (100).
For Winterson art is in the business of "persuading us of the doubtfulness of the seeming-solid world" (Art Objects 135).
The best part of Michael Apted's directing is in this doubtfulness as Jericho--obsessed, wallowing in fugues--goes over his memories of Claire and slowly decodes them.
The supposed beatings could thus be linked with the deaths of the supposed scrap collectors as a kind of corroboration of the new Story's doubtfulness about American tactics--this even though the Pentagon had acknowledged error in the one case but not in the other.
Nor can we tell whether "[s]ure" intensifies the doubtfulness of what "they" say (in the spirit of "oh, come on") or provides a moment of reflective agreement ("it sounds doubtful but perhaps there is some truth to it").
However, doubtfulness is a form of exactness; such treaties cannot be said to create instant custom.