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Doubtless, however, this new measure will not be the end of the abortion row.
Then the Government starts talking about giving them honours, and doubtless the CBEs and OBEs are being polished as we speak.
O'Shea's fatherly instincts will doubtless have come to the fore after the shock loss of AdeniranOlule and skipper Care hailed the former Ireland full-back, who will take charge of Quins one last time before joining Italy.
Equally doubtless, the electorate may vote for her again, "in the fullness of time, when the climate is right.
World class runners DereK Ibbotson and Martin Steele will be at a celebratory dinner this weeKend doubtless reliving some of those memories which put them in the international spotlight and Huddersfield on the athletics map.
Lovely Natalie Gulbis has been leading the Yanks' bid for glory in the last two days and will doubtless again be the focus of attention when plays gets under way.
Bracey accompany her to measure their heads and, doubtless, otherwise charm them.
Doubtless, Golden's book will win more advocates to her cause, the belief that "we do not need more programs to change these young people's lives, but rather programs to change an oppressive social order.
The affair is doubtless galling for the notoriously press-shy Anschutz, who had the British press camped on his Aspen doorstep last week.
Initial funding came from KUPF-Innovationstopf, a regional cultural organisation for Upper Austria, but the project gained momentum through the generosity of suppliers, doubtless tickled by Strauss's off-the-wall vision of an encampment of temporary, tubular troglodytes.
Or signaling/that long, low, darkened ship lying in/close to shore, doubtless up to no good.
There will doubtless be newly devised, fundamentalist religious ideas to challenge scientific teaching in our high schools in the future.