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Doubtless she has used the service herself and is aware of the degree of overcrowding on the service at rush hours and has a plan to ensure that travellers from south-west Birmingham do not have to endure even more unpleasant journeys than they do already.
Calls for government intervention to help Harland and Wolff will doubtless clash with the laissez-faire dogma of the Tory Party but this must be swept aside if the manufacturing heart of Belfast is not be dealt a deadly blow.
Then the Government starts talking about giving them honours, and doubtless the CBEs and OBEs are being polished as we speak.
Equally doubtless, the electorate may vote for her again, "in the fullness of time, when the climate is right..."
But it is the Kind of dedication, putting in those miles, which when twinned with natural talent, has doubtless helped Longwood Harriers produce some of the town's best runners.
A 16th century physician once said of strawberries, 'Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did.' This was, of course, in praise not of what we eat today but the wild strawberry now far less common due to habitat destruction caused in part by farming methods on a scale never imagined in the 16th century.
While militant atheists such as Stephen Hawking will doubtless rejoice at closing in on the physical prime-mover particle, people of faith will doubtless ask, "Who's the prime mover behind the Higgs particle?"
Their flash tailoring, their fine dining and selfindulgent ways will appeal to fans of the upper crust Tories - but will doubtless give everyone else cause to ensure that whatever they do at the next general election, they don't vote Tory.
As TV critic Kevin O'Sullivan will doubtless agree, the only way to shake up EastEnders is with some believable plots.
Lovely Natalie Gulbis has been leading the Yanks' bid for glory in the last two days and will doubtless again be the focus of attention when plays gets under way.
Doubtless, Golden's book will win more advocates to her cause, the belief that "we do not need more programs to change these young people's lives, but rather programs to change an oppressive social order."
The affair is doubtless galling for the notoriously press-shy Anschutz, who had the British press camped on his Aspen doorstep last week.