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This association is doubtlessly incorrect: Sufis were for many years heavily persecuted by Qaddafi, and were never loyal to him.
Meanwhile, as so often the case in these circumstances, it's the poor ordinary punter who will doubtlessly end up out of pocket, out of luck and possibly out of their home.
If some of Lebanon's officials have given Ali the right to talk on their behalf, this doesn't apply to all of them," he affirmed, assuring that the Syrian regime is doubtlessly headed toward annihilation.
THE arrival of some much needed sunshine across the region will doubtlessly lift spirits, but if you're a homeowner you're already happier than if you were renting, according a recent national survey.
De Guindos doubtlessly will be proven correct on this point.
Other, smaller conservative or centre-right candidates could also bleed support for Sarkozy, who will doubtlessly use the television broadcasts to try to bolster his image nationwide.
He maintained political forces had united in All Parties Conference doubtlessly.
It prefers to do things the hardest and most expensive way, employing its consultants and foreign owned waste management companies, who doubtlessly might consider that they, and not British pig farmers, should continue to have the lucrative monopoly on rubbish disposal.
Ferry said he had no intention of naming the former minister, saying if he lets his name out now, then he himself would be charged and doubtlessly convicted, even if the story is true.
Statisticians measured that in 2010, doubtlessly one of the gravest years from an economic point of view, industrial production in November dropped by 1.
Some of you will doubtlessly be delighted I am on the move, as Liverpool have never lost so many games in such a short period of time and, you will not be surprised to learn that I soon became knows as 'Jinxy'' and 'the Grim Reaper'' - perhaps now the curse on results can be lifted.
I'm sure there will be no end of poker operators keen to attach themselves to the poker tournament at the World Mind Sports Games when the highprofile event will doubtlessly be labelled the Poker Olympics.