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I am Guy the Barron bold, of the deed the doughtiest knight That in my daies of England was, with shield or speare in fight.
of deedes of armes/One of the doughtiest that duelled in erthe' (3320-21).
Buying Authorized was a strategic move - and, I suspect, the first of many from one of racing's doughtiest individuals.
The swarm of manuscripts still unscrutinized would daunt all but the doughtiest researcher.
The story of her life's journey is in part--though only in part--the tale of the emergence of one of Western enlightenment's firmest, wisest, and doughtiest defenders.
The 65-year-old is acknowledged and admired as one of the doughtiest and most determined competitors in the area, and that determination, coupled with a remarkable fitness level, has brought her a huge crop of medals, records and titles.
Phil Weston, the match-winner in the C&G tie with 88 not out, has been rested from the Twenty20 to protect his injured groin while the Gladiators are without the doughtiest of their tough one-day competitors in Jack Russell.
In their hundreds, they shrugged aside a summer downpour yesterday to attend a memorial service to the Labour Party's doughtiest fighter.