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Here is one you will be glad to meet--a doughty panthan--" He hesitated.
Methinks," said Mary, still peeved at her friend's determination to leave on the morrow, "that should you meet the doughty Sir Roger all unarmed that still would you send back my father's knights.
Besides, Romance had gilded him, this doughty, rough-hewn adventurer of the North, this man of many deeds and many millions, who had come down out of the Arctic to wrestle and fight so masterfully with the men of the South.
Nor did he know it was the head of La Perouse, the doughty old navigator, who had left his bones, the bones of his crews, and the bones of his two frigates, the Astrolabe and the Boussole, on the shores of the cannibal Solomons.
From his eyrie he waved his hand to Captain Lynch, and that doughty patriarch waved back.
147-163) And again, three other sons were born of Earth and Heaven, great and doughty beyond telling, Cottus and Briareos and Gyes, presumptuous children.
Three months later the doughty cowmen confessed he was too much for them and telegraphed his father to come and take the wild man away.
I minded me of all Alan's kindness and courage in the past, how he had helped and cheered and borne with me in our evil days; and then recalled my own insults, and saw that I had lost for ever that doughty friend.
Man of the Match award went to Lewis Read, Grafter to Jacob Doughty and Most Improved to Sam Bradley.
CHICAGO Beta is an affiliate of UK private equity firm Doughty Hanson that, back in 2006, paid pounds 347m for the distribution and logistics arm of the Caudwell telecoms empire which it renamed 20:20 Mobile.
LONDON, September 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Doughty Hanson & Co, one of the largest independent private equity firms in Europe, today announced that it is to acquire Equity Trust, a leading global provider of complex, high-end business administration and fiduciary services, for a total consideration of EUR350m from Candover and other institutional shareholders.
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