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PRINCETON, NJ -- Gallup Poll Daily tracking on consumer attitudes finds no signs of change in the dour consumer outlook on the national economy, with 87% of Americans saying the economy is getting worse, and only 17% rating the economy as "excellent" or "good.
Neither side could manage a goal in a dour 0-0 encounter.
Answering their critics after a surprise loss to the Wallabies in Melbourne three weeks ago, the All Blacks took few risks in a dour affair.
His critics got their wish yesterday when the buffoon took his leave and left centre stage for a dour and uncharismatic Scot.
Jones, playing on the left, stood out during a dour final.
WHEN EVEN AN EDITOR LIKE JOE WOODARD, TELLS ME I am being too dour, it is possible I should lighten up.
Two gravediggers Denny and Gordon Lowe, a dour pair, uncover the grisly remains when digging a fresh grave.
Similarly, Belgian artist Michael Borremans's determinedly dour drawings show how much artists may achieve without finding, or offering, fulfillment or resolution.
His not-so-veiled implication is that this gay marriage business is the stuff of dour and heavyset gay people who aren't hot enough to be as free as every dance-floor tilt instructs us to be.
While his dour vision may provide a call to action for similarly hoary policymakers in Congress, what it most clearly indicates is that Huntington and his ilk are mostly know-nothings about reality on the streets of the United States.
The most popular persona so far seems to be Killjoy Kerry, as depicted in jokes about his long face and dour demeanor.
Or, if you're on the run between meetings, you can always slop at the restaurant's side dour, where its cafe and bakery sells snacks and to-die-for pastries.