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Even the dourest of drivers couldn't fail to fall in love with this cute runaround.
Adolescent angst must be catered for in the dourest possible terms.
The planned surprise worked perfectly and only the dourest listener wouldn't have raised a smile at this energetic and joyous performance.
EVERTON and Sheffield United are two of the dourest teams in the Premiership and their clash at Goodison Park this afternoon is unlikely to be a classic.
Listening to Beth Kennedy (playing Borachio) attempting to explain the plan while Matt Walker (playing evildoer Don John) kibbitzes and pokes fun is enough to make the dourest viewer cough up a lung in hysterics of this madcap troupe, each gives as good as (s)he gets.
Anyway, putting aside my anger at the month that beats January as the dourest, let's get back on board.
A survey published this week, which rates the Welsh as the dourest people in Britain.
There was one element, however, about which not even the dourest of leaders would complain: the amount of foreign direct investment.
There's nothing funny about street clashes, soccer riots, body counts and cynical political maneuvering; or about the fact that Egypt's dourest citizens have risen so loudly to the fore.
WHEN Tony Blair engineered his downfall, by plunging us into the Iraq war, he was replaced by the dourest politician since John Major.
Even the dourest of couples cannot fail to escape from such a session without skipping down the street, roaring with laughter like naughty teenagers.