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But nobody in racing has his popular appeal and, given he is also a great professional with immense talent, even the dourest diehard should admit we need to cherish him while he is still around.
As such, the cynics are claiming Cardiff versus Portsmouth is the dourest final for years.
Even the dourest of drivers couldn't fail to fall in love with this cute runaround.
Adolescent angst must be catered for in the dourest possible terms.
The planned surprise worked perfectly and only the dourest listener wouldn't have raised a smile at this energetic and joyous performance.
Listening to Beth Kennedy (playing Borachio) attempting to explain the plan while Matt Walker (playing evildoer Don John) kibbitzes and pokes fun is enough to make the dourest viewer cough up a lung in hysterics of this madcap troupe, each gives as good as (s)he gets.
Anyway, putting aside my anger at the month that beats January as the dourest, let's get back on board.
He delivers the requisite arch wit and stylish remove of a character from "Earnest," the anarchic glee of a tour guide lightening up the dourest scenes in theater--sending the three sisters promptly on their way to Moscow--and ultimately a matured and earnest love for Algernon that adds a sweet heart to the piece.
A survey published this week, which rates the Welsh as the dourest people in Britain.
There was one element, however, about which not even the dourest of leaders would complain: the amount of foreign direct investment.
A thrilling yarn featuring a cast of exotic yet familiar characters- one-eyed maharajahs, razor-sharp British spymasters, horse doctors on mysterious equestrian missions, dastardly princes dangling their bitter plumes in exile, mercenaries of the Napoleonic wars peddling their expertise to local rajahs, wizened munshis, or men of learning, dabbling in alchemy and Freemasonry-the book is a Kiplingesque fantasy guaranteed to get even the dourest reader's blood racing.
His latest book is written with the to-hell-with-you insouciance of a man intent on provoking by confirming, and in equal parts frustrating, his adversaries' dourest expectations.