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One of the most flamboyant batsmen in history, Pietersen had injected some much-needed audaciousness into the England batting generally known for its dourness and an inability to take the opposition by the scruff of the neck when it was required.
But despite scoring 10 in their past two matches, City have also conceded five, and Milner, subject of a parody Twitter account that plays on his perceived dourness, admitted he would not mind a few more comfortable afternoons.
Maybe even the dourness of Scottish nature plays a part because he wants to make sure it's a serious matter.
As he later told his biographer, Dick MacDonald, "Repeated plaints about Canadian dullness, dourness and conservatism seem no more than worn-out stereotypes.
Perhaps, I note snarkily, there is a reason besides English dourness the author chose to write on monologue.
I couldn't even start on the BBC's The Village after reading reports of its unremitting dourness.
He proceeded to play with a dourness few could even approach, following his first-innings 87 not out with an unbeaten 34 at stumps in which he needed 46 balls to warm up to his first boundary, keeping out 95 in all to date, as Marlon Samuels caught the bug too in an obdurate and unbroken halfcentury stand.
It all stands in marked contrast with the dourness of the Jewish high priest Caiphas and his cronies, clad in the black turbans and heavy eyeliner favored by the more dashing members of the Taliban and dreadlocked payot.
The city dwellers who normally trudged the streets with a beaten-down look of resignation had a little more spring in their step, and their dourness had given way to buoyant sparkle.
On the face of it, the need for an Indo-Pak dialogue seems like a pretty straightforward case of mutually beneficial adjustments, of using space intelligently and with imagination, trust, thought, dourness to prevail.
Beyond the dourness and cool reception accorded to Netanyahu by Obama, we should note that the Administration's demands of Israel are not new and do not constitute a radical change in policy; rather, they constitute a repetition -- which is certainly more incisive and unequivocal -- of demands presented by previous Administrations.
it by his refusal of pieties; there is a quiet dourness and cussedness