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The firefighters, however, broken the walls of the factory from three sides to douse the flames.
The fire destroyed the parts of the building, as ten fire tenders, a snorkel, and water remained engaged in efforts to douse it.
He said although the conference is a little too late they have got together and decided 'not to fan the flames, but to douse the fires of ethnic hatred' which is purported by very few people on either side.
Fire fighters said that they have not received their allowance from the past eight months due to which fewer vehicles arrived to douse the blaze.
"Thirteen fire tenders were pressed into service to douse the fire after it was reported at 6.50pm.
Shaaliver Douse was armed when two rookie police officers shot him in the face following a confrontation in the Bronx.
Shliver Douse died of a single gunshot to his jaw after the confrontation in the Bronx.
Summary: Around a dozen fire tenders were put to douse the fire, which was noticed around noon.
RESCUE Onlookers douse his burning body with water HUMAN TORCH Bashir turns himself into a fireball yesterday
A spokesman for London Fire Brigade said 50 firefighters battled the blaze with 10 standard fire engines and two cherry-picker appliances which allow crews to douse the flames from above.
People watched in horror as buckets of water were thrown over Mr Arrowsmith to douse the flames in the pub car park.
More than 150 firefighters have been battling to douse the blaze, which began after a series of exposions on Sunday.