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BEIRUT: Four Civil Defense vehicles doused a forest fire in Aley Monday, a security source told The Daily Star.
Mumbai Seven men were arrested in the murder of additional district collector Yashwant Sonawane, 46, who was doused with kerosene and burnt alive by some members of the local oil mafia in Panewadi, near Manmad, Nashik district, about 260km from Mumbai.
The fire was out on arrival but crews doused down the duvet.
The two officers faced danger after responding to a call in Willenhall, in the Black Country, relating to a man who had locked himself in the porch of a block of flats, doused himself in petrol and was threatening to set himself alight.
He doused himself in petrol, put the gas on and said he wanted to blow himself up.
He would much rather scarf down a "chip butty": a French-fries-and-butter sandwich doused in vinegar.
GORMAN -- Hours after a 65-acre fire was doused near Gorman on Wednesday another smaller blaze broke out, fire officials said.
Before being forced to retreat, firefighters doused 12 of the 22 oil tank fires, but intend t o deal with the biggest last
It is hoped the fire will burn itself out or be doused by rain.
He doused the front of The Forresters in Stony Stratford, Bucks, with the fuel and set it alight before running off, chased by a group of drinkers.
On July 18 Scotty Joe Weaver, 18, was beaten, strangled, stabbed, doused with gasoline, and set on fire before his killers dumped his body in a field in Pine Grove about eight miles from his trailer park home.
He than asked for a glass of water and doused the child with it as the parents watched in shock.