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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 22 ( ANI ): A major fire that broke out in Mumbai's Goregaon on Wednesday has been doused.
A police investigator told The Express Tribune that during their investigations, they discovered that Ambreen had been doused with crude oil by Zubair and then set on fire.
His wife Fiona, 39, and son Nathan, 11, watched in horror before Chris doused the fire by placing his hand under his armpit.
While the DFS had initially dispatched seven fire tenders, they pressed more into service after it was found out that the fire was far too intense to be doused by just seven.
She told officers that 22-year-old Ramon Gomez doused her with amaretto before attempting multiple times to set her on fire with a lighter.
Summary: ROME - Officials say a man has set himself on fire at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport, causing a scare among bystanders until police doused the flames and rushed him to the hospital.
Summary: Four Civil Defense vehicles doused a forest fire in Aley Monday, a security source told The Daily Star.
He was doused with kerosene and burnt alive by oil mafia members
After the flames were doused, they could then turn their attention to just how a lone, screaming, naked burning guy wound up at the side of the highway.
They also doused a nearby unit over fears it could also set alight.
In the interviews, Carter told officers he had tied up Gethin Heal, Nathan Taylor and Robert Lewis, as they arrived for work, and doused them with fuel but said he had not wanted to set them on fire.
Despite several explosions in the vehicle, he discharged the extinguisher at the man and doused the flames.