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2 -- color) Storm clouds roll over the San Gabriel Mountains, dousing the valley Saturday.
If a fire is detected, water vapor soaks the laundry in the tumbler for three minutes, dousing the flames.
A man was arrested at Sao Paulo's Guarulhos Airport after dousing a crying baby with water during a flight from Miami to Brazil.
As time went on, the new students would be expected to produce a receipt for the raisins, written in Latin by their academic parents, and failure to produce such a receipt could result in a quick dousing in the local fountain, a tradition now replaced with a dousing in foam.
Firefighters spent five-anda-half hours dousing flames which ripped through a 6m-high pile of stubble covering an area half the size of a football pitch.
Ivana, known for her fiery temper, alleges the dousing made her ill, ruined her pounds 1,800 dress, and caused the loss of a pounds 15,000 pair of earrings.
Five fire brigade vehicles were deployed to douse the fire, further fire tenders were sought after the water was insufficient to continue the dousing process.