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Some foreign scope mount makers sell scope mounts to fit both 11mm and 3/8" dovetails.
My 30cm LX200 optical tube does not have a dovetail bar so the options for attaching it to a commercial German equatorial mount boiled down to three: screw a plate between mirror cell and corrector cell onto which a dovetail bar could be mounted; make a cradle to wrap around the tube and attach that to a dovetail; or, possibly, buy a commercial system like a Homeyer (4) or Parallax Instruments (5) cradle.
Four series of test specimens were tested: 1) LSL-RDC: joints with single dovetail configuration produced from LSL, 2) LSL-DRDC: joints with double dovetail configuration produced from LSL, 3) Hem-RDC: joints with single dovetail configuration produced from western hemlock, and 4) HemDRDC: joints with double dovetail configuration produced from western hemlock.
What might be even more remarkable is the fact that dovetails today continue to be considered as "the premier joinery method," in the words of David Keller, president of Keller & Co.
Burris, Leupold and Redfield offer bases with dovetail rings front and back.
Like any other process, cutting dovetails is subject to lots of variables.
By combining Dovetails advanced technology platform with Marshs industry-leading data, distribution, and access to insurance capital, Marsh is transforming the small commercial insurance market, said Kevin Tobin, president and CEO of the Marsh Insurance Services Group.
Undersized sight dovetails create their own special set of problems, sometimes requiting imaginative solutions.
If you are dealing with an obsolete pistol you should know exactly the size and dimension of the dovetails cut into the slide, especially if they were custom cut by some old gunsmith who has long since assumed room temperature.
A long-established company with quality lines including bedroom and dining room furniture, DMI dovetails with Flexsteel in philosophy and markets.
Both rear sights, adjustable on the Eagle and fixed combat style on the Hawk, were fitted into dovetails.
Denis' hire dovetails with existing initiatives related to financial reporting standards and corporate governance.