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DOVE. The name of a well known bird.
     2. Doves are animals ferae naturae, and not the subject of larceny, unless they are in the owner's custody; as, for example, in a dove-house, or when in the nest before they can fly. 9 Pick. 15. See Whelp.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the early 20th century, another component appeared in midwestern political opinion: The region, particularly states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas with large German- and Scandinavian-American populations, became the part of the country most skeptical of military action and most inclined toward pacifism, isolationism, and dovishness. In April 1917, 39 of the 56 votes cast against the declaration of war against Germany were cast by senators and representatives from the Midwest, including 10 of the 13 from the most heavily German-American state, Wisconsin.
In the 1970s, "conservatism" had come to represent hawkish internationalism while liberalism had come to represent "bring America home" dovishness. These ideological evolutions are frequent and characteristic of American political development.
Dovishness of the FOMC 2014 Members of the 2015 Members of the FOMC FOMC Janet Yellen, Board of Janet Yellen, Board of Governors, Chair 1 Governors, Chair 1 William C.
The Federal Reserve's dovishness could cause a rise in the Euro to 1.20, a level that means Europe's Stoxx 600 index corrects 10 per cent to 310.
The Fed's recent dovishness has had a positive effect on bond performance, and data suggest retail investors are taking note, according to Loewengart.
Hawkishness or dovishness could easily exacerbate the current sell-off, tightening financial conditions further."
US stocks closed higher on Thursday with the SandP 500 ending at a 7-week high as financiers saw more signs of dovishness in the Federal Reserve's September meeting minutes which shed light on its decision to keep policy rates near zero.
"So, the minutes showed a Fed mired in indecision, erring on the side of dovishness," said Stephen Guilfoyle, managing director at Deep Value, Friday.
Despite the Yellen Fed's dovishness, the US macroeconomic momentum can well ignite a mini-1994-style panic in the bond markets.
Tetangco's dovishness comes as the US Federal Reserve meets later this week.
The US dollar's performance since the summer 2013 "taper tantrum" has been mediocre due to unmet expectations of US economic growth, Janet Yellen's monetary dovishness and unwillingness to hike the Federal Reserve's key overnight borrowing rate.
Transient summer volatility does not alter GCC equities investment case; forthcoming Ramadan and US inflation numbers affect bond markets; Central Banks dovishness continues across the globe; gold and oil react to changes in inflation expectations