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Net-net, it will take some fancy footwork and counterpunching to avoid 1978 redux and for the industry to avoid going down for the count again.
In "Champions," "Contenders," and "Down for the Count," we detail which companies and industries are cresting to new heights, those that are treading water, and those that are sinking fast.
"The hospitality industry was dealt two knockout punches in the form of recession and terrorist activity; however, the market was not down for the count," commented Robert B.
However, instead of being down for the count, the Roadrunners made a game of it with a 10-2 run to close out the half trailing 40-30.
Drehobl was down for the count, living up to his rep as the living dead by camping out in the hotel room for the day.
The high-speed wireless Internet access provider went down for the count in late 2001, but has re-emerged re-fleshed and re-funded in Denver and has rollout plans for San Diego.
And then he went down for the count, losing the election to the most anti-environmental candidate since Ronald Reagan.