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Sorena Sattari said on Saturday that the unprecedented downfall in the price of oil in international markets is an opportunity for Iran to move its economy from being petroleum-based to becoming knowledge-based.
The Perks and Downfalls of Being Arab for #NoShaveNovember No-Shave November aims to raise awareness around men's health issues including prostate and testicular cancer.
Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano follows the rise and fall of two seemingly different individuals who shared as a source of their downfalls the experience of conflict between art and commerce.
A candid and highly enjoyable glimpse of a pilot's life, especially recommended for aspiring pilots and anyone else curious about the greatness and the downfalls of dedicating one's professional life to the skies.
One of the downfalls of this book is its presentation.
Practicing the art of medicine, Avorn points out, entails finding the middle ground between a drug's benefits and its occasional downfalls. Further complicating the equation today, however, are costs that are increasing in an unsustainable rate at a time when people in the united States already spend $200 billion annually on drugs.