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Counterparty Risk Assessment, Downgraded to A3(cr) from A1(cr); Placed Under Review for further Downgrade
The downgrade of OPWP's ratings to A3 from A1, follows Moody's rating action on the government of Oman given the close links between the two entities.
Wael Ziyada, head of research at EFG-Hermes, stated that predictions regarding Egypt's long-term credit usually take long periods of time, and that the quick nature by which Fitch announced its most recent downgrade casts doubt on the validity of such predictions.
Chancellor George Osborne said in the light of the UK's downgrade he argued that his deficit reduction policy should continue to prevent any further drop.
Robert Litan, a former Clinton administration budget official who is now vice president for research and policy at the Kauffman Group, told ABC News that the domino effect would likely continue with upcoming downgrades of states' and localities' credit ratings.
A Microsoft spokesperson stated that users will be able to downgrade from Windows 7 to XP without a problem, according to BetaNews.
The major chipmaker attributed the downgrade to weaker-than-expected DRAM shipments because of inventory adjustments at digital home electronics makers and falling prices.
This action follows the placement of the ratings of The Commercial Bank (Q.S.C.) (CBQK) under review for downgrade on seven March 2016.
Global Banking News-December 24, 2014--Moody's downgrades Raiffeisen Banking Group member banks
The MERIS president went on to say that although S&P's recent downgrade of Egypt's long-term sovereign credit rating from B- to CCC+ would make it increasingly difficult for the country's government to obtain international funding, this would not have an effect on the government's negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) regarding the country's pending $4.8bn loan.
The ratings of these banks' covered bond programmes will remain on review for further downgrade, reflecting the ongoing review for downgrade on those banks and the review of Moody's expected loss analysis, following the downgrade of the respective covered bond issuers.
over Windows Vista's downgrade rights revised her lawsuit yesterday to focus her charges on the requirement that users buy the most expensive versions of Vista if they want to replace that operating system with Windows XP.<p>Originally filed Feb.