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Double Commonwealth champion Gregor Tait was not downhearted despite being pipped for the 200metres individual medley at the British Championships in Sheffield.
But United needn't be downhearted if they succumb to Arsenal ( Everton suffered that fate on the first day of last season and finished fourth, a feat Newcastle are 12/1 to pull off in Ladbrokes' title betting without the `big three'.
Ian McCulloch is refusing to be downhearted despite being on the receiving end of a Matthew Stevens fightback in the other World Championship semi-final at the Crucible.
Terry the Terrier, Huddersfield Town's mascot, does not seem too downhearted at being dubbed a no- hoper for the Mascot Grand National.
Newall was not too downhearted and said: 'We fought hard enough but lacked sharpness.
The Jockey Club's executive director Christopher Foster, who as IFHA joint vice-chairman ran the conference's regulatory session, was not downhearted.
And in the holiday episode, titled ``Christmas in the Airwaves,'' the award-winning musical theater, film, concert and television artist Betty Buckley (Grizabella in ``Cats'') plays the downhearted Redmond.
Not one to be downhearted he then went on and won A European title to the delight of everyone.
We're still in a great position and nobody is downhearted.
Moaning about this and that, these folks were downhearted, and they claimed to be happy
But the Scot wasn't too downhearted, insisting: "My priority is to train for Rome and Hamburg.
Dorothy, who faces a stringent course of chemotherapy before her operation, refuses to be downhearted.