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It is interesting to mention that in AT1 the thickness of Unit E is located on the downthrown block, while in AT2 is on the upthrown block.
Where movement on a fault is small then mineralization normally cross-cuts the structure, however the thicker and higher grade intersections are interpreted to occur on the downthrown side.
The study area (Figure 1(b)) is a three-level structural unit, located at downthrown side of the boundary fault I of Tazhong Low uplift within Tarim Basin.
In addition, the curvature also defines the orientation of the faults, as positive curvature values represent the upthrown side and the negative values the downthrown side of the fault.
7-8; Qureshi et al, GSP map, 2001) would be on the downthrown side of this fault that probably created the accommodation space for deposition of these coarse clastics.
The importance of the South East Remora-1 discovery is that it has been made on the downthrown side of the Rosedale Fault - due West to but on a similar geological setting to the Vic/P41 Kipling/Benchley Prospects and the nearby Kipper Gasfield.
The authors apparently were very blunt in clearly showing the faults and interpreting their kinematics; they placed arrows along the fault lines to show which fault sides were downthrown. The map picture of the Pstrazna area shows two uplifted blocks separated by normal faults.
In Bielawa, the dam is located directly on the downthrown side of the Sudetic Marginal Fault.
The area east of the Cerro Bola fault was tilted to the east, whereas the block west of the fault was downthrown, probably after the episode of tilting (Fig.
However, faults have been consistently interpreted from borehole data, with faulted blocks downthrown by approximately 14m.
The upthrown wall is mainly formed by Paleozoic sedimentary and intrusive rocks of the Variscan basement, whereas the Valles basin, on the downthrown block, is filled with up to 800 m of detritic sediments ranging from the lower Miocene to the Quaternary (Anadon et al., 1983).
In this area the metamorphic foundation of the Fore-Sudetic Block has been downthrown approx.