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Late Benazir Bhutto always struggled for the social and economic emancipation of downtrodden masses, marginalised communities and democratic rule and the government would accomplish her mission, he added.
The move reaffirmed the commitment toward empowerment of the downtrodden, Singh said.
There are also little comical scenes such as the downtrodden mite gets irritated as he tries to read the paper while his stomping colleagues make a racket all around him.
Although Inglis Drever and Taranis emerged popular winners in the Ladbrokes World Hurdle and Ryanair Chase respectively, it failed to mask another turgid gambling day for downtrodden racegoers.
Few make the connection between your local mall and the decades of studying torture techniques that too frequently become necessary to keep the poor downtrodden.
Yet his sympathies for the plight of the downtrodden lead him to the support of an odd band of 'strangers' who look like big grasshoppers, operate within a genetically class-based cultural form, and are, in some cases, fascinated by his religion.
Yet Duke shouts his compassion for the downtrodden Arabs (Iranians are not, by the way, Arabs) by telling them that he feels their pain at being occupied by Zionists because his country (the USA) is also occupied by Zionists.
Merlin and young Arthur go on a fantasy adventure to a world of vegetarian dragons, an obligatory wicked witch and a young princess who isn't particulary downtrodden.
It's another dreary school holiday for the downtrodden Ben (Grint).
These families are often downtrodden because this country has a class system where wealth predominates.
Mike and Liam are brothers brought up by an abusive alcoholic father and downtrodden mother.
Each chapter begins with conversations between the downtrodden victims of the HIV epidemic in Asia, persons whose clothing, gestures, and thoughts Hunter describes in heartrending detail, although they are not, in fact, real persons.