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n. from the days when a groom expected to profit from a marriage, the money and personal property which a bride brings to her new husband which becomes his alone. Dowry still exists in the Civil Code of Louisiana.

See: endowment

DOWRY. Formerly applied to mean that which a woman brings to her husband in marriage; this is now called a portion. This word is sometimes confounded with dower. Vide Co. Litt. 31; Civ. Code of Lo. art. 2317; Dig. 23, 3, 76; Code, 5, 12, 20.

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Pakistani society has been affected by dowry system so badly.
Walima' and other marriages related ceremonies in wedding halls and hotels would be concluded by 11pm and only one dish would be allowed during wedding feast, he said, adding violators demanding and giving dowry would be fined up to Rs two lakh and three months imprisonment or both.
Apart from the Ordinance of 2000, the major federal law dealing with dowry and bridal gift is the Dowry and Bridal Gifts (Restriction) Act 1976.
However, as the rituals began the groom sought a dowry of Rs300,000 in exchange for marrying the bride, witnesses said.
Banda (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb 20 ( ANI ): The father of a bride has allegedly attempted suicide by hanging himself after the groom cancelled the marriage over dowry.
He and his family tortured me during the past 12 years of marriage for dowry and when my family failed to meet their demands, they sold my kidney.
The draft law says that no person shall give or take or abet the giving or taking of dowry exceeding Rs50,000.
Many unmarried girls are seeking such kind of help, due to dowry issues yet girls are getting depressed and living miserable life.
The poor also goaded by greed now submit to the practice of the rich although they cannot afford to pay any dowry demanded by the bridegroom.
She said the girl's father wanted to marry a second wife but the wife refused prompting him to seek a refund of the dowry.
HYDERABAD -- The former Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Wednesday distributed cheques of merit scholarships, health and dowry funds here at a ceremony organized in Government College Kali Mori.
A DIVORCED woman has been ordered to hand back her wedding dowry, after a lawyer successfully argued she only married her ex-husband for his money.