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In the first phase of the investigation we found that dowsing rods moved in a predictable pattern.
Latter argues, not as a scientist but as a practical New Englander, that dowsing is mostly a waste of time.
For millennia, humans have scouted for underground aquifers and other natural resources with the help of dowsing rods.
They explained that dowsing is not just used for finding water but also oil, buried architecture, lay lines and it was responsible for finding the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.
He said: "Two years ago one of my cats went missing and I decided I will try this dowsing thing.
You can use simple dowsing methods for all aspects of your life, not just looking for water.
When dowsing for the future it will most likely be based on the information available today.
The walk will follow public footpaths over the golf course and is aimed at those with some experience of dowsing as well as complete beginners.
Dowsing expert Margaret Beavis will discuss the technique, in which she uses a pendulum to attempt to discover the causes of people's problems.
The lowest and highest of the frequencies of the imprint gave the same phase of dowsing reaction, namely an anti-clockwise rotation of the pendulum or the coming together of dowsing rods.
Dowsing has been used through the centuries to find diamonds, water and even missing people.