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And it was a sparse field, except for 8-year-old Ruby, a Cottage Grove doxie put through her paces by owner Andrea Hummel.
By lusty Doxies, there's not a Quire Cove, Nobler then I in all the bowsing Kens That are twixt Hockly 'ith' hole and Islington.
The literature of the Elizabethan underclass with its fascinating accounts of vagrants, peddlers, doxies, confidence tricksters, pickpockets, dissemblers, unemployed street entertainers, disabled veterans, masterless outcasts, beggars, and "upright men" (swindlers masquerading as respectable citizens) has attracted a formidable amount of scholarly attention in recent decades.
One wrote to George Melly, the Liverpudlians, raconteur, boozer, blues singer, writer and general high-liver: "I cannot and will not tolerate this house becoming a common bagnio, a sponge house, a place of assignation, a pimp's brothel, or for Mick Mulligan to bring his doxies here and perform his strange tribal rites with them in the early hours of the morning.