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And it was a sparse field, except for 8-year-old Ruby, a Cottage Grove doxie put through her paces by owner Andrea Hummel.
One wouldn't have known without reading Zambello's comments in the program, where one learns Alberich is in suspenders and boots because he's a Forty-Niner prospecting in the Colorado River and the nymphs cavorting on his sluice are mining-camp doxies.
In a preface breathless with excitement despite its posture of streetwise toughness (exactly the tone of rogue literature), Reynolds recalls being taken, at age fifteen, to the den of drug dealers, complete with rogue literature's doxies "scantily clad in diaphanous blouses, lingerie, or topless" (x), and rogues conversing in thieves' cant: "Half of the conversation between our hosts and Benny was incomprehensible to me" (x).