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It is because, as claimed by Radical Orthodoxy, there is no territory independent of God (despite an individual's, in this case Murdoch's, opinion to the contrary) and, as Plato thought and Pickstock maintains, the character of language is essentially doxological in that 'language exists primarily for, and in the end only has meaning as, the praise of the divine.
We might say, then, that Agamben's new project aims to "flesh out" more fully Walter Benjamin's notion of aura and its place in the "aestheticization of politics" that he saw at work in the doxological machinery of fascism.
Doxological opening and concluding phrases show fixed phrases: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] M107:1; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] M102:1; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] M101:1; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] M156:1, and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 101:7.
Deprived of any anchor in the specifics of Singapore society, such guidelines risk slipping back into a doxological view of literature as high culture, produced elsewhere.
Grace, then, while not excluding the individual's experience of regeneration, refers primordially to the ontological reality of God's establishment of the kingdom through Jesus Christ, a reality now only dimly perceived but which the church, in voluntary, doxological response, partially embodies and anticipates.
The doxological context of theological knowledge is another leading motif in Hardy's theological endeavour.
ably rendered into English by Mevlut Ceylan, contains very few lines that demonstrate Bayazit's religious views, nothing remotely doxological, no literary traditionalism, no conventional stanzaic forms.
Mannion's words, "If the Church's liturgy must live more fully from the richness of Catholic history and tradition, it must also renew its eschatological vision, its doxological amplitude, and on the basis of these promote a new flowering of liturgical artistry.
The essay on Roethke describes his "sacramental vision" of things: "Indeed, there is rarely to be found in the literature of our period a body of poetry so predominantly psalmic and doxological as Roethke's: almost everywhere, it seems, the poet's voice is lifted up in jubilant alleluias .
Even so, in the famous call story of 1 Samuel 3, it is of critical importance that Eli helps Samuel interpret the doxological ringtone in the night as God's own voice.
Such a doxological understanding of human participation in all life is helpful in combating functional dualism.
This is in line with the polemical and doxological nature of the biblical witnesses, where creation is said to give praise to its creator.