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He summarizes the content of the prayer, which includes: a salutation, a focus on God, an action on our part, petitions we make to God and a doxology of praise.
Worship, in turn, is most essentially doxology, the giving of glory to the Lord by means of praise, penitence, and thanksgiving woven together into a seamless garment and harmonized into a musical love offering.
Basing his agenda on one phrase from a doxology might make an interesting sermon, but not a scholarly essay.
The final doxology affirms that God's eternal rule is precisely exhibited in these kinds of social transformations (verse 10).
In this passage, Melville links the cock to Christian doxology.
Doxology and theology; an investigation of the Apostles' Creed in light of Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Readers who are not Catholic may be reminded that the doxology is included by Protestants at the end of the Lord's Prayer "to the despair of their Catholic friends" (112).
13) Nativity of the Mother of God, Small Vespers, Doxology Verse on "Lord, I have cried .
There was grist of Word aplenty in the cathedral service, in text and testimony, and in a haunting doxology.
Not exactly stable to begin with--after a lifetime of ferrying toffs, tarts, punters, and pervs down mean streets to meaner stoops, Celine-like in his rage against minorities and women, at class war with investment bankers, television producers, members of Parliament, and barristers with cell phones--Dave not only goes bananas but writes a book about it, his Revelation and his Doxology, in which "THE BITCH" ends up in purdah.
Chambers Dictionary would not use it in that context, either: "Glorification ( an act of glorifying; a doxology (a liturgical hymn, ascribing glory to God); a riotous festivity.