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The birth of Jesus dissolves the world into exuberant doxology sung by sea monsters and fruit trees and cedars and Gentiles, by all of creation and by God's own people Israel.
He summarizes the content of the prayer, which includes: a salutation, a focus on God, an action on our part, petitions we make to God and a doxology of praise.
Each psalm (and canticle) concludes with a doxology (Gloria Patri) and is preceded and followed by an antiphon.
By that measure, Pattiann Rogers succeeds and also puzzles, for her poetry contains descriptions that are both concrete and elusive, and it is punctuated by stirring dissonances of scientific and sacred discourses, as in "The Doxology of Shadows" as well as others.
We're the lights that plug into it, and if we plug in, we can do infinitely more," he says, echoing the words of the "Glory to God" doxology.
Until then I recommend others who are like me, to also buy a service book with translations in today's English to least follow the doxology service and hopefully the Church wardens would get the message and make available copies of the few pages of the above book for the many whose intention was to worship, but end up sorting out their domestic problems during church services.
That is to say, after eleven chapters of scriptural exegesis and logical diatribe, he nonetheless finishes the argument with less didactic rhetorical forms--an allegorical image and a doxology.
Living Faith begins with worship and ends with a doxology.
From that, the church echoes Israel in doxology concerning the God who gives new life to prisoners, the blind, the bowed down, strangers, orphans, and widows (Psalm 146:8-9).
A few days ago, the group I was lunching with sang the Doxology as our table grace.
All Christians share the prayer that Jesus gave us, the Lord's Prayer, and the frequently invoked doxology Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.