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Passengers nearby told Rizzi that the dog could stay under their seats if it helped, and so Doxy was placed under the seat of the woman to Rizzi's left.
KB: We were able to show the effect of doxy compared to placebo in as soon as 16 months.
Empiric therapy guideline summary for adults with community-acquired pneumonia 2001 ATS guidelines 2000 CDC guidelines Inpatient (non-ICU) IV azithromycin Cefuroxime, alone: if allergic, cefotaxime, doxy plus a ceftriaxone [beta]-lactam or APF or ampicillin-sulbactam alone.
THERE they were, 90 years ago today, Leonardo DiCaprio, humble steerage passenger aboard the ill-fated liner, and Kate Winslett, millionaire's doxy travelling, naturally, first class along with some of America's most towering tycoons.
A Parisian doxy named Suzanne (Jessica Pennington) pines lustily for the painter.
Bombshell and Wayne Hays and the doxy on his payroll, to Gary Hart and
The anti-orthodoxy principle begins, therefore, with a distinction between doxy and data, between opinion and fact.
Twenty years after these prophetic utterances, I found myself in a flat in Knightsbridge struggling gamely with a collar stud and the Hon Sophie Greene-Wellington, younger daughter of the redoubtable Duke of Ellesmere, an insatiable little doxy, but one for whom I had to admit to having a very soft spot.