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CNN provided the details: Rizzi and his dog were the last to be seated on the small plane and were placed in a seat in the middle of the back row that looked onto the aisle, with no seat in front of Rizzi for Doxy to lie under, thereby making it difficult for him to stay stowed.
pseudomallei is intrinsically resistant to many antibiotics, including penicillin, first- and second-generation cephalosporins, macrolides, rifamycins, colistin, and aminoglycosides, but is usually susceptible to amoxicillin/clavulanic acid (AMC), chloramphenicol (CL), doxycycline (DOXY), trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (TS), ureidopenicillins, ceftazidime (CAZ), and carbapenems [8].
The Det OinC and the aircraft commander knew that Ghana was a high-risk area for malaria, so everyone got a 30-day supply of the antimalaria medicine, doxycycline (aka doxy).
parmchk -i doxiciclina.prep -f prepi -o doxy.frcmod
Another cavalier approach to pet ownership is evinced by Emily Cox, John Hemming's doxy, who kicked up that unholy row over her love rival and a missing kitten.
And suddenly a vacancy like a dumbwaiter's forms in the heart's brain, infantile and forlorn, and you wish you hadn't connected to the Omaha flight in Pitt, but had gone home to the thicket of idiot-yap where you orally belong, with Lewis Carroll and your doxy, where intimate idle chatter cements the thirty-year-old bond between you.
(Kirk's top-selling book was not The Conservative Mind but his 1961 "Gothick tale" The Old House of Fear.) When he married in 1964, Kirk converted to Catholicism, but before that he described himself as a "Gothic Jew," proclaiming "heterodoxy is my doxy, not orthodoxy" Postmodernism at its best has a sense of the playful, and Kirk had a lifelong playfulness about spooks and hidden powers.
Doxy (1976) as cited by Bennett (2002) identified five phases, which the host community experiences:
Black robes and pointed hats are appropriate costume for the scrumptious magic banquet of Coombly Wizards Broth, Dragon Dobs, Spirls and Cheese with Doxy Beans and Floober Wooble and Abominable Dollops.
For Gautier the prejudice within Academic doxy against Veronese's allegedly unserious subjects, seen as no more than pretexts for the display of his 'execution prodigieuse' (TP, p.
The English generals were a poor bunch and three spent more time philandering than fighting: one was actually captured in bed with an American 'doxy' and was later promoted.
These small segments of the electorate - the most involved and committed segments - enforce partisan ortho- doxy.