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Asaduddin Owaisi wrote on his Twitter handle, "What a stupid bill has been drafted which is draconian and will lead to further exploitation and more injustice to married Muslim women.
There are however enough of laws in existence which can deal with terrorism; adding another draconian law and providing the State machinery with unbridled powers lends itself to abuse; whilst attempting to control terrorism the State is in fact indulgingin a new kind of terrorism.
As I've stated before, Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar need to present a united front and issue a direct challenge to government - "your draconian cuts will close down the towns and we refuse to action them any further".
It's the kind of draconian law you'd expect in North Korea, not North Wales.
Where the veneer unravels is their apparent blind hatred of the private motorist calling for ever tighter constraints on their freedoms and draconian penalties for the most minor of transgressions.
Egypt's bloggers and texters are waging an ongoing battle against their government's draconian repression of freedom to write as they wish.
It does seem quite draconian and if they (FIFA) do that they must have felt some justification," he said.
I doubt that the North Wales League has been particularly fair in finding the Llandudno players guilty and handing down draconian punishments without following its own disciplinary policies and procedures and without giving the players the opportunity to defend the allegations.
It will focus its local election lobbying on the campaign to Keep Trade Local, which seeks to protect small businesses from unfair planning laws, draconian parking restrictions in town centres and the breakdown of local economies.
Draconian action against plastic bags in Wales was promised yesterday by Environment Minister Jane Davidson.
Chairman of the bench Christine Abrams said: "The bench is united in feeling while this may have been contrary to a by-law, Merseyrail should have a less draconian method for dealing with matters of this nature.