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Newman (1979:207) points out an obvious sexual and phallic symbolism to the draconic worm shape, something perhaps even evident in the relationship between the python and the female isangoma.
Furthermore, if Ruskin is as tortured by his sexual feelings as his dreams would suggest, this draconic symbol is a necessary recipient of this sexual guilt.
Security forces were called in to squash protests in defiance of Egypt's draconic anti-protest laws by low-rank police officers in several Egyptian governorates, including Cairo, in demand of demanding better employment benefits and bonus payments.
Draconic measures for the defendants in case "Monster," caused an avalanche of reactions from various nongovernmental organizations in the country but also from movement 'Self-determination" from Kosovo.
Journalists in Macedonia, unlike their colleagues from other countries, are still paying draconic fines for slander.
It is a consequence of the draconic fines that have nothing to do with pedagogy, or prevention.
The KNBB was also visibly uncomfortable with its own draconic and implacable regulations.
The game offers a multi-faceted story set within a mythical world, involving oppositional Angelic and Demonic races and the growing common threat posed by the emerging Draconic races.
Twenty one of those arrested were handed over to the prosecution on charges of belonging to a terrorist organisation and violating Egypt's draconic anti-protest law.
Citizens, who received this message, said that it was sent by an unknown number from operator Albafon and the intention is to minimize the revolt that the draconic sentences for case "Monster" caused.
We gathered here today to protest peacefully against the draconic punishment of four and a half years in prison for Nova Makedonija's journalist Tomislav Kezarovski that the court reached based on no evidence whatsoever.
Ivana Kostovska comments for Dnevnik that in a period when Greece is chained with politics of Draconic spending and Germans have a hard time offering compassion and solidarity, our southern neighbors must not allow themselves to waste the diplomacy.