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Such a treatment pictorially underscores Degas' debt to the draftsmanship tradition of Ingres, recalled in Camille Pissarro's reaction to the prints (addressed below).
In them, you can see him still playing with the color blocks of Rothko; the jagged, lightning-like ruptures of Still; and the jazzy draftsmanship of de Kooning, all with a palette inspired by the pinks and yellows of the Southwest soil.
For sheer spontaneity, evocativeness, and impeccable draftsmanship, he might have been describing the art of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
In that lawyers are trained in the arts of draftsmanship, negotiation, and compromise, it is not surprising that the most powerful founding fathers tended to be lawyers, including Gouverneur Morris, James Wilson, and John Rutledge.
Lorenzo Mattotti's creepy story displays impressive draftsmanship, while Calllou's Japanese tale, about a girl (Louisa Pili) haunted by a samurai ghost, plays like a cross between Tarantino-esque bloodlust and a "South Park" episode.
My endless admiration for Sargent's faultless draftsmanship is due to the amazing economy of strokes and virtuoso brushstrokes that all of his paintings so aptly display," he says.
Each Ganesh is priced on the basis of size, spent materials, and draftsmanship.
In the 19th century observational discrepancies were ascribed to volcanic activity when, in fact, poor draftsmanship was likely the cause.
In chapter 2 Thimann describes the manuscript: its thirty-eight folios of parchment and its precision of draftsmanship as preparation for the copperplate rather than as a painted manuscript, such Giulio Clovio's Farnese Hours.
While many of the paintings have been in other shows before (for example, the recent Dada show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the National Gallery, Washington, DC), the Glitter and Doom show and catalogue uniquely highlight the drawings that served as studies for many of the paintings and reveal the Weimar artists' fine draftsmanship.
Even if the employer has a protectable interest sufficient to justify a non-competition restriction, problems in draftsmanship frequently occur.
This three-dimensional draftsmanship encompassed an amazing variety of motifs, from anecdotal narrative of family life to broad vistas of landscape, and it was executed with an unfailing elegance and brio.