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This allowed for the achievement of a class leading drag value of [C.
Archimedes pointed out that its growth projections exceed earlier forecasts because the full impact of some market developments became evident only recently, including extensive prescribing of high-cost drags to treat the hepatitis C virus, escalating specialty drag price inflation and lower-than-expected savings from biosimilars.
Lowering the spacing below one vehicle length decreases the drag of both vehicles below 70% of the value without a platoon and in no traffic conditions.
In 1989, he moved to New York to pursue a drag career, dancing in the B-52s' Love Shack video, hosting his own chat show on VH1 and releasing smash hit single, Supermodel (You Better Work), before he went and became the first male face of MAC cosmetics.
Drag queens have been fighting on the front line since the dawn of the modern LGBT rights movement.
Fans of more modern drag lapped up turns from Drag Idol 2013 champ Anna Morphic and Miss Lucy, who stepped out from behind the Eazy Street DJ booth to deliver a stunning Marilyn Monroe-inspired number from Smash.
If you don't care to tackle the job yourself, send the reel to the original manufacturer and for a nominal fee they will service the drag for you.
For the cast of "RuPaul's Drag Race,'' it's just another day on the set of this gender-bending reality TV contest governed by RuPaul Charles, the drag icon who first gained fame over 20 years ago when his song "Supermodel (You Better Work)'' became a pop hit.
The project will involve construction of a nationally accredited A- mile drag racing track, as well as the development of braking areas, a return road, staging area, pit area, drainage, and concrete safety barriers.
Popular TV actor Ram Kapoor too did not shy away from doing the drag drill, despite his large frame.
For Lopez, drag is "the ultimate extension of a performer getting out of himself.
Drag in helicopters is a big problem, and helicopter makers search for ways to reduce it.